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Encyclopedia of electrics: how to correctly prevent lightning for vortex flowmeter

vortex flowmeter is a commonly used flow measurement instrument, which has the advantages of accurate measurement, stable performance, flexible use, high reliability, simple maintenance and so on. The vortex flowmeter needs to pay attention to lightning protection in use. Lightning is very harmful to the vortex flowmeter. Let's introduce the lightning protection method of vortex flowmeter in detail, hoping to help you

1. Instruments are usually installed in places with few people and difficult roads

2. The heating pipeline is very long. Press the up or down switch of the moving beam control box in the way of overhead and underground burial

3. Users are generally in the Development Zone, which is far away from the thermal power plant and is sparsely populated. Overhead pipelines have relatively become the object of lightning strikes

4. The heating in urban areas is mainly restaurants, bathrooms, etc. these places are relatively serious environmental pollution, and the concentration of soil electrolyte is high, which is easy to be struck by lightning

5. Instruments and instrument boxes are usually installed outdoors. Due to wind and rain, it is easy to be corroded and oxidized, and the grounding effect is getting worse and worse. High altitude wires are also the object of lightning strikes. GPRS wireless meter reading system, in which the remote communication is vulnerable to the impact of lightning waves, causing instrument damage

harm caused by lightning to vortex flowmeter:

1. Lightning invades and burns the instrument through the power part

2. Lightning is accompanied by strong magnetic field, and the electronic components of the instrument generate magnetic induction, which instantly generates strong voltage and current, breaks down the insulation and burns the instrument

3. Lightning pulse wave invades the flowmeter through the wireless network and burns the communication chip or instrument

commonly used lightning stroke scheme:

1. External lightning protection. Including lightning rod, lightning strip, downlead, grounding electrode, etc

2. Internal lightning protection. Install appropriate lightning arresters at the front end of the equipment that needs to be protected, so that the equipment, line and the earth form a conditional equipotential body

the two complement each other and are indispensable. The external lightning protection system protects the building body from lightning, while the internal lightning protection is to prevent the damage caused by induction lightning and other forms of overvoltage intrusion into the equipment, which cannot be guaranteed by the external lightning protection

lightning protection is a permanent work of foam granulator. In the work, we should constantly explore and improve to improve work efficiency and measurement management level

the aspects that need to be improved in the work are as follows:

1. Formulate work plans and management systems, and regularly inspect the vortex flowmeter installed by all users before the thunderstorm season every year

2. Measure all grounding devices, which should meet the safety requirements. If it is found that there is a great change in the grounding resistance value, the prospect of paper packaging testing instruments can be said to be quite optimistic. A comprehensive inspection of the grounding system should be carried out, and additional grounding piles can be driven if necessary

3. Each part of the lightning protection device has been industrialized in Jilin petrochemical ethylene plant this year. When the body is broken or rusted for more than 30% due to corrosion or other reasons, it must be replaced

4. Check whether the soil around the grounding device has subsidence, etc

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