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How to control the mechanical properties of wide data and get the auxiliary materials of reaction amplitude flexo printing on the dial printing cost

flexo ink "> printing is a flexible relief printing method. It has a series of significant advantages, such as less equipment investment, high process income, wide printing adaptability, easy equipment operation, high printing efficiency, low requirements for paper compared with gravure printing, and relatively stable printing ink quality. Flexible printing has been widely used in wide flexographic preprint in recent years.

according to the market reflection, wide flexographic printing is currently purchased There are many enterprises of flexographic printing machines. When buying wide flexographic printing machines, enterprises mainly want to reduce printing costs and improve profits, but in reality, many enterprises that buy flexographic printing machines are increasing costs after using flexographic printing machines. With the gradual increase of the price of printing materials, the repeated price reduction of products by customer sales based on their own corporate profits, the higher requirements of end consumers for the printing quality of printing products, the rise in labor costs caused by the government's policy to improve people's livelihood and the increase in the minimum wage, all of which have made the already meager profit wide-width preprint industry more profitable

based on years of printing experience, we analyzed the decisive factors in the printing process, such as ink and printing operation, in order to better control the cost of packaging materials recovered by the municipal government every year

1. Benefits brought by selecting appropriate water-based ink

water-based ink is one of the important raw materials for printing, is also the main factor affecting the quality of printing products, and is also an important part of the cost of wide flexographic printing. At present, when choosing ink, domestic flexographic printing enterprises first consider the price per kilogram of ink, and the ink with low price is the first choice of enterprises. It is estimated that the choice by 2025 is also justifiable, but enterprises often ignore other losses caused by this. The ink with high price and good quality has fine particle fineness in pigments, fillers and other components, and has good color rendering effect. When printing, the number of roller lines selected is relatively high, and the relative coating amount of ink is less, a more satisfactory color effect can be obtained, and the overall ink consumption will be less. In this way, the overall cost is not high, the printing quality is relatively good, and the operators are more willing to use it, The probability of problems in normal printing is relatively small. At present, domestic manufacturers with good quality of wide width ink include Flint (its ink is imported ink, and the price is not very high); On the contrary, the particle fineness of components such as pigment and filler with low price is slightly worse, the number of roller lines selected during printing will be lower, and the coating amount of ink will be relatively increased to obtain satisfactory color effect, and the overall ink consumption will be higher, so the overall cost is not necessarily low. Enterprises did not fully realize the benefits that good inks can bring when they first chose inks with good quality and high price. Most of them decided to use them because a certain problem plagued the quality of products. However, after a long period of printing use, after careful accounting, it was found that high-quality inks with high prices can reduce production costs. It is for this reason that more and more domestic wide flexographic printing enterprises are aware of the benefits brought by high-quality inks, and gradually change their ideas and choose high-quality inks

2. Benefits brought by reasonable control and use of ink

water based ink is made of water-soluble resin, advanced pigments, solvents and additives through scientific compound processing and grinding. Proper use of ink and reasonable control of the viscosity and pH value of ink can stabilize the product quality and reduce the cost in the application of wide width preprint

generally, the viscosity of high-grade water-based ink should be controlled at about 20 seconds. At the same time, the viscosity should be controlled according to different seasons and different printing raw materials. It has strong coloring power and bright colors. We can adjust the viscosity of water-based ink by controlling the temperature of ink and the amount of diluent, so that its viscosity can meet the requirements of printing. The viscosity of water-based ink is generally detected by using viscosity coating No. 4 cup and stopwatch. According to years of experience, lift the ink with an ink stirring stick, let the ink flow in the ink tank or barrel, and observe the phenomenon of the ink on the surface of the ink tank or barrel. Generally, the bulge on the surface of the ink indicates that the viscosity is too high, the depression indicates that the viscosity is low, and the plane indicates that the viscosity is just right. Add additives according to different situations. Try to use the method of 1:1 of additives and water when adding any additives. When adjusting viscosity, we must pay attention to adding additives to the ink tank after mixing them with new ink, so as to avoid waste caused by local color differences caused by adding additives directly to the ink tank. When the machine is running at high speed, due to the printer's non-standard operation, The loss caused by adding additives directly to the ink tank is often no less than ten inks "> cardboard paper. In addition, after the order is printed, there are also many precautions in the car washing stage. Now many enterprise operators often wash the corrugated roller with water after the ink is discharged, and then pour out the waste ink. According to experience, the wide machine needs 500 ml of water to clean the corrugated roller, so it is recommended not to use too much water when washing the car. After the corrugated roller is cleaned, you can use an inkscraper to clean the ink tank The remaining ink and 500ml of water in the ink tank will be collected back to the ink bucket. If you persist in this way, the number of savings will be considerable

3. Benefits brought by reasonable adjustment and control of printing pressure

when the operator receives the production order in the enterprise, the first thing to do is to paste the plate according to the order. Pasting is a very important link. If the plate is not pasted correctly, the waste caused by each repetition is not less than 100 meters, so when pasting the plate, we must ensure one-time pasting, and try to paste it by one person to avoid multiple people. At the same time, when pasting plates, you must pay attention to the dynamic and static balance of the plate roller, put the better dynamic and static balance on the printing field and the printing area with higher overprint requirements, and put the lower performance on the small color blocks such as words and lines, so as to avoid repeated pasting plates due to the plate roller. When starting to adjust the pressure, be sure to pre adjust it, and then ink it for fine adjustment. Be sure to adjust the machine slowly. When you are ready to start printing after everything is adjusted, you must appropriately increase the plate pressure on the basis of the adjustment, so as to avoid the lack of pressure and waste products caused by the acceleration. This is very important, and it is also a detail often ignored by many masters. In addition, during the printing process, we should also pay attention to the proper and constant printing speed according to the characteristics of ink, substrate and printing layout, so as to maintain the consistency of the ink color of the whole batch of printing. The printing area is relatively small, and the price of each bag should be increased by at least 0.5 yuan. Printing materials with good ink and substrate materials can be printed at a higher speed. On the contrary, the printing speed should be appropriately reduced to avoid waste caused by high and low when starting up

the above is discussed from the selection of ink, rational use of ink, how to control the plate pasting technology, reasonable adjustment to the printing pressure and the details in the startup process. How to reduce the printing cost and improve the overall profit of the enterprise, which requires us to start from the details and standardize the operation in the purchase and use of auxiliary materials and machine operation, so as to create more benefits for the company

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