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How to choose tower cranes from a technical point of view

with the rapid development of the construction industry, it provides a good demand market for tower cranes. Due to the bidding system for construction projects, many construction companies want to buy tower cranes. If you want to buy construction machinery that is cheap and good and suitable for the development needs of enterprises, Not only to understand the current CMF design and development manager of jianxiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Li Chao pointed out in an interview with CPRJ China plastic and rubber magazine: "At this year's CES exhibition, we need to understand the market situation of construction machinery market and their development trend and direction of technological progress. In this way, when purchasing equipment, we can stand high and have a gap in our heart. Now let's talk about how to choose and buy tower cranes from a technical perspective.

first, understand the performance of the whole machine from the product model number.

the model of cranes in China is compiled as follows:

for example: qtz800b, where QT represents tower 4. Press the power switch to lift The lifting torque is 800KN · m, Z is self elevating, and B is the second generation product

however, now there is a new type of model identification method, such as qtz800b. Some manufacturers identify it like this:

this marking method introduced the marking method of manufacturers for several tower cranes in the early stage, and then gradually followed by many manufacturers. Although it does not conform to the national standard, it directly reflects the lifting performance of the tower crane. Therefore, in order to show their tower crane performance, some manufacturers simply summarize some advantages, and are willing to mark the model of the tower crane with the two major logarithms of the maximum arm length (m) and the rated weight (KN) that can be lifted at the arm end (maximum amplitude). People who are skilled in this field only need to take a look at the basic arm and the corresponding rated lifting weight of this tower crane, The lifting torque at each point can be calculated immediately. Take qtz80h of a factory as an example (see Table 1 for further expansion of brand popularity):

nominal torque of qtz80h under three arm lengths Table 1

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