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In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy and the accelerating process of urbanization, the number of construction projects in the city continues to increase, such as urban construction, engineering construction, residential construction, development zone construction, industrial park construction, etc. There are many and busy construction sites, coupled with the continuous emergence and wide application of new materials and technologies, there are a large number of fire hazards on the construction site. Without timely supervision and rectification, once a fire occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable, which will not only burn the unfinished buildings and their surrounding buildings, but also cause heavy casualties and great harm to the safety of society and people's lives and property. According to statistics, from 1950 to 2004, there were 250015 fires in the process of industrial infrastructure, causing economic losses of 2992.9505 million yuan, 7906 deaths and 37146 injuries. Ping fully demonstrated the determination to share weal and woe with the majority of employees in the critical period, with more than 4500 fires occurring every year. In recent years, with the increasing number of construction projects, plus, this number will undoubtedly further increase. It can be said that the potential fire hazards at the construction site have been quite serious, which should be highly valued by the construction unit and the fire safety supervision department

I. fire hazards at the construction site

1 The overall layout of the construction site is unreasonable. Many construction enterprises randomly set up sheds around the construction site to stack construction materials. Although the construction site is divided into operation zones, the storage and operation zones of inflammables and explosives are not clear. According to the investigation, some construction sites have not been divided into the storage area of combustible and explosive materials and the hot work area (electrical welding and cutting area) in the process of easy monitoring experiment. Although some construction sites have been divided into areas, they have not been effectively separated. Once a fire occurs, it is impossible to prevent the spread of the fire

        2. The combustible wastes produced at the construction site were not treated uniformly. According to the survey, many inflammable and combustible materials, such as shavings, sawdust, paint scraps, produced at the construction site, are not cleaned up in time by full-time personnel, and there is no centralized site for temporary storage. What's more, these wastes will be incinerated, which are extremely dangerous fire hazards

        3. Do not carry out construction according to the construction drawings and fire protection requirements, and arbitrarily reduce the fire protection technical standards. According to the survey, a few construction engineering units have constructed without the approval of the fire department; Although some have been approved by the fire department, the construction unit still arbitrarily changes the local graphic design according to the intention of the construction unit; In addition, some units use a large number of combustible materials, which seriously reduces the fire resistance rating of the building, increases the fire load of the building, and the phenomenon of Jerry building is serious. The selected wires, ceilings, indoor furniture, ground laying materials, wall cloth and so on do not take fire prevention measures at all. Some of the decoration blocked the fire-fighting facilities, and arbitrarily reduced the number and design width of fire safety exits, evacuation exits and evacuation walkways, leaving congenital fire hazards

        4. Due to the large number of contractors and personnel mobility in the construction, it is very difficult to manage the fire safety on site, and the fire hazards are not easy to be found in time. In the construction site, some built sheds can be seen everywhere, such as offices, warehouses, kitchens, staff dormitories, etc. These buildings are generally steel structures, with low fire resistance rating, insufficient fire separation, incomplete fire-fighting facilities, and many people living in each dormitory. These people generally have a low level of education and have weak fire safety opinions. Once a fire breaks out, it is very easy to cause a bad situation of burning camps and mass casualties

        5. Almost every construction site has some fire safety hazards more or less, and the fire safety management situation is not optimistic. First of all, the phenomenon of private pulling and disorderly connection of electrical lines is serious. Many temporary lines are of low price and poor quality. Electrical lines are not laid through pipes, and the line load is small. Some even replace fuses with copper wires and iron wires, which are overloaded for a long time, and are very easy to cause fires; Secondly, construction and accommodation personnel use domestic fire facilities such as stoves and liquefied petroleum gas on the construction site, but they lack fire safety knowledge and fire prevention measures such as fire and electricity; Thirdly, because its first-order natural frequency (768.03hz) is far greater than the load frequency (2.00hz), there are many outsiders and construction personnel on the construction site, there are many inflammables and combustibles, mobile smoking can not be effectively controlled, and there is a lack of effective management of cigarette butts and other fire sources, which is very easy to cause fires

        6. The fire-fighting equipment on the construction site is seriously insufficient, and the fire-fighting access is not smooth. According to the survey, in some construction sites, except for a few large construction sites equipped with a small amount of fire-fighting equipment, in some small and medium-sized construction sites, there are no fire-fighting equipment at all. Some construction workers pile up some flammable and combustible materials and sundries everywhere for the convenience of the drawing, resulting in poor fire access. In case of fire, it is easy to cause serious consequences

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