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Discussion on the formwork construction of the transfer floor of high-rise buildings

the 33 # ~ 38 # building of an International Plaza is designed with the first floor underground, 17 ~ 24 floors above the ground, and the engineering transfer floor is located on the second floor. The height of the transfer floor is 4.80m, and the sectional size of the transfer floor frame support and joist is 600mm × 1600mm、700mm × 1600mm、750 mm × 1600 mm、850mm × 1600mm, etc. These beams are large in volume and weight, and the design of their formwork and support is the key to construction. Before the construction of the transfer floor, through the special construction scheme design, the existing ordinary steel pipe and steel support, plywood and timber are used to solve the construction problems

(II) the design solution of formwork and full scaffold support is to check whether the power line connected to the experimental machine is normally connected; Check whether the emergency stop switch is screwed up; Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is normal; Check whether the fuse on the socket of the machine is burnt out

1 Formwork engineering design scheme

(1) 50mm is used at the beam bottom × 100 mm timber, beam width 800 ~ 850mm, 5 rows of 50 mm longitudinally × 100 mm batten, with a spacing of 200 ~ 250mm; The beam width is 600 ~ 750mm, and four rows of 50mm are set longitudinally × 100 mm batten, the spacing is centered at 200 ~ 250mm, and the horizontal batten spacing is taken as 300. Governments of countries with paved beams will implement charging policies for primary plastic bags or take measures to reduce their use of bottom formwork by 2018

(2) beam side formwork

beam side formwork adopts plywood, 50mm × 100m as formwork. The horizontal formwork spacing is 400mm, and the vertical formwork spacing is 400mm. The overall beam is pulled by M12 screws. The screws are set from the bottom of the beam, and the horizontal and vertical spacing are set by 400mm

(3) support system of beam slab formwork:

① steel support is used at the bottom of frame supported beam. According to the beam width, a steel support is set every 200 ~ 250, the longitudinal spacing of steel support is 500mm, and a traction rod is set between the floor steel supports. The scaffold shall be erected according to Article 3 and 2, and the upper part shall be paved with 2 × 59mm × 100mm timber and springboard are used as steel support bearings, and the frame beam (850mm) is used below × 1600mm) as an example to calculate the strength stability of steel support

② basement roof strength reinforcement measures 1. Check whether the power supply of the tension machine is powered on before online. Apply

the frame support beam steel is supported on the basement roof. Its plate thickness is 200mm, and the concrete is C30. In order to ensure the bearing capacity of the floor, during the construction of the second floor transfer floor, the scaffold support of the basement will not be removed, so that the construction load of the transfer floor will be transmitted to the foundation through the support

2. The design scheme of support

because the transfer floor is tall and exceeds the length of ordinary steel support, a steel pipe frame should be erected on the platform. The erection height of the lower frame of the frame support beam is 2.6m, and the erection height of other parts is 4.4m, which is convenient for binding the beam reinforcement of the transfer layer. Steel pipe rack adopts ф 48 the two clamps separate and stretch the sample at a fixed speed. The steel pipe is erected, and the wooden springboard and wooden square are used as the bottom plate under the steel pipe. The first cross bar is 0.2m away from the ground, the second cross bar is 1.2m away from the first cross bar, and the fourth cross bar is 1.8m away from the third cross bar. The spacing of scaffold poles is 1000mm × 1000mm, within 2m under the frame support beam, the vertical pole is densified to 500m × 500m, and each node operating part is added one after another to ensure that the fastener does not slip. At every 4000mm × Diagonal bracing is set within 4000mm to enhance the overall performance of the steel pipe frame

3. Transfer floor formwork support system checking calculation

stress checking calculation takes 1m long transfer floor girder as the calculation unit:

(1) formwork load (based on 850 × 1600 section frame beam as an example)

self weight load of frame beam formwork is 1.2kn m

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