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Talking about the hot filling machine for fruit juice and tea drinks

fruit juice and tea drinks usually adopt two methods: high-temperature hot filling and cold aseptic filling. Because many ways to correct the deviation are to control or stop the climbing part limit of the jack that deviates from the middle line, the former is widely used by domestic enterprises. The process requirements for making fruit juice and tea drinks are strict. From the comprehensive comparison of PET bottle filling process technology, production line operability, beverage quality, etc., the selection of hot filling process is more economical and reliable. Hot filling requires that fruit juice and tea drinks be maintained at a fixed value between 85 ℃ ~ 95 ℃ after UHT instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization, and the filling is completed in a very short time, which belongs to high-temperature filling. Generally, carbonated aerated beverages are usually filled in fixed position or fixed quantity, and the materials are always a certain distance from the bottle mouth. Fruit juice and tea drinks, especially those with original quality and flavor, require full filling of materials, that is, until the bottle is full, so that there is little residual air in the bottle, which can ensure that the beverage itself is not easy to be oxidized, so that the beverage can maintain its quality for a long time. Since hot filling should have the functions of high-temperature filling and full filling, it is required to be equipped with an automatic circulation system to facilitate the circulating heating of low-temperature materials and CIP circulating cleaning. Hot filling shall have the following functions

bottle mouth filling and conveying. When the heat-resistant PET bottle is filled at high temperature, the biaxial stretching pet will shrink when heated, and the shrinkage rate is generally 1% - 3%, while the strength of the bottleneck is the largest, which requires that the positioning method of the bottle mouth is the most reasonable when filling, so as to avoid the deformation of the bottle body under the action of external forces. At the same time, the well filled drinks are transported through the bottle mouth, which can prevent the bottle body from being vibrated and the overflow of extruded materials

full filling. At present, there are two types of filling methods commonly used in domestic hot filling machines. One is similar to the models of Italian tech-ital company and procomac company. The liquid inlet channel and reflux channel of the filling valve are opened and closed step by step; The other is similar to the model of Taiwan company. The inlet channel and return channel of the filling valve are opened and closed synchronously. On the basis of fully digesting and absorbing foreign technology, we have developed and designed a unique hot filling valve. There are two material filling ports of the filling valve, which are at the bottom of the valve core, so the head of the valve core occupies little space at the mouth of the bottle. When filling, the filling valve is inserted into the mouth of the bottle. At the end of filling, because the liquid inlet channel and reflux channel of the filling valve are closed step by step and in turn, the valve is separated from the mouth of the bottle, and the volume it occupies is supplemented and filled by the beverage in the reflux channel, so as to ensure that the beverage is filled with the whole bottle, that is, full filling. Similarly, our filling valve port needs to reduce the adjustment gasket to realize liquid level filling

backflow control function. The material filling port of the hot filling machine designed and manufactured by Hefei Light Industry Machinery Factory is at the bottom of the valve core, and the exhaust channel is the reflux channel outside the valve core. The exhaust and liquid inlet go their own ways. During filling, the discharge of air in the bottle will not hinder the flow rate of materials, avoiding the influence of exhaust on the unity of filling of each valve, which not only ensures that there is no material reflux in the filling process, but also easy to control the reflux of materials after filling the bottle

automatic circulation function. According to the requirements of the production process of hot filling drinks, when the temperature of the drinks in the tank decreases before and after the hot filling machine starts up or stops halfway, it must be heated, and the drinks can be refilled only when the set temperature is obtained. On the other hand, after the continuous production of fruit juice and tea drinks for more than a period of time, or when changing shifts, the filling material channel must be cleaned circularly. Therefore, the hot filling machine should have a perfect automatic circulation system. The hot filling machine of Hefei Zhongchen Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has a perfect circulation system: materials pass through the filling cylinder - filling valve - container - Return Channel - return cylinder - low level cylinder - pump - cooler - balance tank of UHT

when the temperature of the filling cylinder of the filling machine is lower than the set filling temperature, proceed along the above circulation system; When the incoming material is lower than the set value of filling temperature, the three-way solenoid valve will automatically reverse. After the incoming material is directly cooled, it will return to the UHT balance tank and be sterilized again to obtain the set temperature filling

in recent years, fruit juice and tea drinks have developed very rapidly, almost doubling every year. In addition to the hot filling projects launched by beverage manufacturers, other industries are also scrambling to get a piece of cake. As a result, a dozen manufacturers of this equipment emerged overnight, regardless of whether they were qualified or not. Although the appearance is good and the price is low, some technical details are not satisfactory. Through the extensive use of users, it is considered that in addition to the above basic functional requirements, it is essential for hot filling equipment to have multi-dimensional capabilities and experience

filling valve stability. When selecting high-quality stainless steel, we should fully consider its different functions and working states, select materials reasonably according to the differences of material types, chemical compositions and mechanical properties, and then conduct necessary process treatment and NC processing to ensure optimized tolerance coordination and quality control points, so as to meet the long-term high-temperature state and the lasting stability of the filling valve performance

liquid leakage of filling valve. The key is the selection of sealing and guiding parts in the filling valve. The influence of thermal deformation of this type of material under high temperature should be considered. When designing and manufacturing, its heat resistance, hardness and matching size should have empirical data. In addition, select a suitable combination of spring and seal, and this problem will be solved

the material channel has three technical terms, namely frequency Hz: the number of repeated movements of the spring per second; Amplitude mm: change of spring repeated movement; Number of experiments: scaling problem of the number of repeated movements of the spring. Filling cylinder, return cylinder and small-diameter pipeline and other components should be ensured by advanced and mature process measures and necessary special equipment in the production of stamping, welding and surface treatment, so as to truly have no sanitary dead corner, facilitate CIP operation, and thoroughly clean the parts in contact with beverages without scaling; Mouldy phenomenon of screw mouth. In the production and commissioning of the equipment, the stability of the bottle mouth transportation and the capping system should be guaranteed. After the spray punching before capping, it is difficult to mildew by adhering to both research and development and manufacturing; In terms of disinfection and washing of empty bottles, the company adopts two channels to disinfect and wash in turn. After analogy and reasonable calculation and experiment, there is enough washing and draining time to ensure that the washing rate is 100%; When filling heat-resistant PET bottles, the control system of the filling machine should be equipped with corresponding procedures to prevent the bottle body from being rounded by static pressure; In terms of sterilization of bottle caps, we should decide whether to choose ozone force, ultraviolet sterilization or disinfection water immersion sterilization according to different situations; In the user's use stage, CIP cleaning is also very important in production. Through extensive use, the commonly used mechanical cleaning, SIP cleaning and the reverse cleaning of the circulating system are used together, and the cleaning fluid has a relative and turbulent state on the interface of the pipeline and container, so as to get a good cleaning effect; Finally, the management and technical support of equipment manufacturers. The use of appropriate bottles and caps plays an important role in producing high-quality and high-grade drinks

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