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The market of the environmental segment is hot and the prospect of the flue gas analyzer is broad.

the flue gas analyzer is a device that continuously analyzes and measures the effective travel, Co, NOx, SO2 and other flue gas contents of co23.1 Jinan assay by using electrochemical sensors. Its working principle is commonly used in two ways, one is the electrochemical working principle, the other is the infrared working principle. At present, the flue gas analyzer in the market is usually a combination of these two principles. The flue gas analyzer is generally applicable to the analysis of boiler gas pollution emission in various industries, the analysis of small fuel oil and thermal engineering, the environmental monitoring near the pollution emission or pollution source of gas-fired boiler and the research of combustion process

it is a complex problem to measure the emission of flue gas pollutants and monitor the efficiency of combustion system in power plants, and the complexity of this problem is aggravated by the different characteristics and indicators of various types of flue gas analyzers. In the current flue gas analyzers, there are portable and fixed, and equipped with several different technical types of sensors. The fixed flue gas analyzer can not only record the measured value of flue gas, but also connect with the control equipment to automatically control the combustion parameters such as air inlet volume

with the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, many large and medium-sized enterprises, such as iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical industry, thermal power plants, etc., have been improving combustion efficiency and reducing energy consumption. China New Materials Technology Association will hold the "2015 (8th) dual use new materials forum" in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on October 17 (1) 9, 2015 to reduce pollutant emissions Environmental protection is an important way to improve product quality and enhance product competitiveness. Rolling reheating furnaces in the iron and steel industry, boilers in the electric power industry and other combustion devices and thermal equipment are major energy consumers in industries that increase capital investment. Therefore, how to measure and improve the combustion efficiency of the combustion device and determine the best combustion point is of great concern

in order to implement the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of air pollution, improve the environment and air quality, protect human health, and standardize the construction of industrial boiler and furnace flue gas desulfurization projects, the state has formulated a series of regulations such as the technical specifications for industrial boiler and furnace wet flue gas desulfurization projects as national environmental protection standards, urging many industrial boiler users not to exceed the specified value when discharging flue gas

there are hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized industrial boilers and heating furnaces in China. China's coal consumption for power generation and energy consumption per ton of steel have a certain gap with the international advanced level. If automatic control means such as flue gas analyzer can be used to timely and accurately monitor the relevant combustion parameters, so as to realize manual adjustment or automatic control and maximize the combustion efficiency (or higher), It will bring huge economic and social benefits to the society

the market demand determines the blowout development in the field of flue gas measurement. However, the measurement environment of flue gas is generally very harsh. As we all know, the temperature and moisture content of many sulfur-containing flue gas are very high, and the sulfur-containing flue gas is easy to dissolve in water vapor, resulting in small measurement data. As an ideal equipment for measuring various combustion parameters in flue gas, optimizing combustion efficiency, saving energy and controlling emissions, the flue gas analyzer is specially designed for the needs of environmental protection and industrial fields, and is suitable for accurate monitoring of various flue gas components of heavy pollution sources

at present, the general trend of the environmental protection industry has become a reality. Many environmental protection enterprises need to seize opportunities in their own fields, adjust their development models in time, take advantage of the tuyere, develop rapidly, and achieve sustainable and healthy development. Environmental protection enterprises understand the national environmental policies for the protective installation of the exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys, etc. of the 2.3 experimental machine and the local environmental governance policies, which will help environmental protection enterprises understand and grasp the new market, timely adjust their development mode, and follow the development of circular economy and blue economy, which will be conducive to the formulation of long-term strategic development goals of the enterprise, riding the wind and waves, and helping the sea

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