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Hot melt adhesive sealing technology is a new type of sealing material in the 1960s. At present, it has become a major form of carton sealing in western developed countries. In China, hot melt adhesive sealing has partially replaced the traditional strapping packaging and tape packaging, and is applied to the outer carton packaging of various beverages, alcohol, food, dairy products and other products

compared with traditional packaging, hot melt adhesive 5 Relative error of torque indication: ± 1% sealing technology has obvious advantages, such as good packaging quality, suitable for automatic production, beautiful appearance, etc. At present, some users in the beverage industry are using this packaging technology and have realized the advantages of this technology. This journal recently interviewed industry experts and user enterprises on the application of hot melt adhesive technology in the beverage industry, and comprehensively summarized the advantages of this technology. We have reason to believe that the hot melt adhesive sealing technology will become the new favorite of the later sealing packaging in the future

reprinted from: "we are very excited about the significant improvement of the structural thermal and mechanical properties of graphene reinforced carbon fiber epoxy resin prepreg packaging machinery

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