Hot news of the 12th Mitsubishi Electric Machinery

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The 12th "Mitsubishi electric machine cup" electrical and automation competition is hot

this competition is an electrical and automation system application competition

the competition is divided into two categories: innovative design and system application, which are held alternately every other year. Based on the automation technology and products of Mitsubishi Electric, the competition object and control system are designed and manufactured according to the proposition of the competition

competition proposition

competition proposition is divided into servo servo control, industrial robot control and micro electric control. Each team shall select a proposition direction, build a control system and make an execution object according to the parameters and technical requirements announced in the competition notice

time and place of the competition

time: August 2018, this will also give the extruder industry an endless impetus for development 7 ~ 8.9

location: the Mitsubishi Electric Automation competition of Harbin University of technology is a meaningful activity to stimulate the innovation consciousness of college students in the form of competition, ensure the stable operation of closed-loop control and learning interest, train students' practical ability, improve their communication ability, and cultivate their team spirit. Mitsubishi electric cup automation competition is different from other competitions. Because its concept is more abstract, the competition provides students with more creative space, and requires real guns to complete their works. The theme closely follows the current hot spots, and is more closely combined with practical applications, so as to achieve real learning for practical use

the competition registration deadline is May 31. Students who have not yet registered, hurry up

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