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The effectiveness of Xi'an "12363" call center needs to be expanded

the people's Bank of China carried out the protection of financial consumption rights and interests in some cities nationwide in 2010. Xi'an is one of the first batch of pilot cities. Facing this new subject, the business management department of Xi'an Branch of the people's Bank of China actively explored, carefully organized and promoted the steady progress of the pilot work. After nearly three years of trial, the people's Bank of China in Shaanxi Province took the lead in opening 12363 for the protection of financial consumers' rights and interests in China on March 29, 2013

12363 after nearly a year of pilot work, the bank has expanded its influence, formed a brand, narrowed the distance with the masses, and further improved the efficiency of the service-oriented people's Bank. However, there are still some deficiencies, and the efficiency needs to be further expanded

comprehensively optimized service functions. Make full use of the number of keys to add content and modules. On the basis of the current six buttons, financial consumer education, query, feedback and other contents can be added, and several secondary modules can be added under the primary module as required. Implement a 24-hour service system to provide 24-hour manual service during major emergencies or major activities, so as to ensure that its due functions can be performed at the first time. Considering that the administrative duty of the people's Bank of China is a 24-hour manual duty, it can be effectively integrated with the administrative duty. Establish a complete front desk management function of the call center, including automatic voice response service, manual agent service, remote agent function, call recording function, automatic statistics of traffic type and quantity, remote data and text sending and receiving function, etc. In order to provide convenient services to foreign financial consumers, reflect the characteristics of Xi'an as an international tourism and cultural city, enhance the image of the city and strengthen the sense of city cognition, multilingual services should be provided

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accelerated system platform construction. The 12363 processing management system shall be developed to monitor the whole process of workflow, processing time limit and processing quality, so as to realize one platform, collaborative office, multi-point input and data sharing. At the same time, we will accelerate the construction of an information management system for the protection of financial consumption rights and interests connected with 12363, simultaneously promote the construction of a database of financial consumer complaints, build a statistical and analysis system for financial consumer complaints, and regularly or irregularly release analysis reports on financial consumer complaints to the public. The basic traffic service is combined with high-tech means such as network technology, computer synthesis technology, network media information capture, analysis technology and collaborative office to build a comprehensive service system for the public

build a service talent echelon. Xi'an 12363 leadership seating system and expert seating system should be established. Leaders at all levels and business backbones should sit down regularly during important publicity days, answer services, understand key issues of concern to the masses, achieve zero distance communication with financial consumers, and truly achieve the goal of building a service-oriented people's Bank. Strengthen the training, establish the reserve pool of seat personnel, and improve the comprehensive quality of 12363 seat personnel. At present, Xi'an 12363 is only applied to deposit financial institutions. Considering that it will be extended to securities and insurance financial institutions in the future, the business faced by wiring personnel will be more complex. To this end, an echelon seat reserve can be established to further strengthen the training of business backbones, so that they have a solid theoretical basis and rich business experience covering GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS... And other test standards and specifications, so as to meet the service requirements of 12363

create a new situation of service. Publicity should be diversified, and it should be easy for the public to accept. By setting up special columns in newspapers, advertising cars to the countryside, opening SMS newspapers, issuing 12363 convenient contact cards and other forms, the publicity authority, the rights of financial consumers, the case handling process and other contents should be included. It is necessary to build and adopt positive and effective methods to eliminate the trinity of fixed client and mobile network client. In order to provide consumers with more convenient complaint channels, the 12363 official website can be opened in due time, and the official website of the people's Bank of China can be used as the 12363 Internet access portal to jointly realize the multimedia interactive support, so as to facilitate the public's needs in business query, case complaint, handling feedback, service supervision, etc

the opening of 12363 for the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers provides a shortcut for financial consumers to complain and a channel to protect their rights to a certain extent. Since the operation, although there are some shortcomings, the process between them is very troublesome, and this is a certain achievement that the user has to pay a certain amount of money for the process. In the future work, we should further develop our strengths and avoid weaknesses, and strive to build 12363 into a brand like 12315

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