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For the vast majority of families, decoration is a labor-intensive and laborious thing. In addition, many companies have a wide variety of decoration traps, which make it impossible to prevent. If you are not careful, you will fall into them. We are here to make public all kinds of tricks in home decoration and teach you how to polish your eyes

trap 1: grasp the owner's psychology of caring about the single price, and deliberately blur the quotation and process description, such as materials, specifications, grades, etc

small companies often adopt the method of fuzzy quotation and low price entry, while the quotation of large companies is relatively transparent. Consumers should pay attention to the quotation provided by the decoration company and clearly express the size, practice, materials (including brand and model), unit price and process standard of each part. For example, we can't generalize the detailed project in terms of how much the pipeline costs per meter. We also need to explain how many wires are threaded in each pipe, how many square meters of wires are there, whether the copper core or aluminum core is wrapped, and the origin, etc; Whether the square meter of the cabinet is calculated according to the orthographic projection or the expanded area, the grade of the decorative plate, the material used in the cabinet, and whether it includes hinges, handles, rails and other hardware; Does the overall quotation include the treatment of some grass-roots projects, such as wall removal and wall leveling

trap 2: malicious omission of items in the quotation gives people the illusion that the overall price is cheap, such as the omission of items such as door jambs and window jambs, which will be mentioned to the owner when construction is carried out, and then the owner has to add items

many owners often care about the total quotation and ignore some specific items on the quotation. After the project is completed, they find that they have paid tens of thousands of yuan more than expected. Therefore, after getting the quotation, the owner must read it carefully to see if there is any project that must be done and has been intentionally deleted. In addition, the owner should tell the designer his detailed requirements before the quotation. In addition to the estimated total cost, he should also tell the designer the increase and decrease range you can bear. Generally speaking, it is best to control the increase and decrease range of the project part at about 10%, so as to limit the quotation made by the designer to a certain extent and avoid unnecessary overspending in the future

trap 3: when signing the contract, deliberately foreshadowing. For example, it is stipulated that if the original brand materials are out of stock during decoration, Party B (decoration company) can temporarily replace the materials of the same model. During the construction process, Party B can earn a price difference by pretending that the goods are used up and shoddy

it is impossible for the owner to supervise the work on site at all times. In order to prevent being cheated, we should understand the price difference of similar products in the market and whether the environmental protection coefficient is equivalent. For example, good waterproof coatings cost threeorfour yuan a barrel, while many miscellaneous waterproof coatings cost only dozens of yuan a barrel; The price of the same product produced in different regions is also different. For example, Nippon Paint produced in Langfang is cheaper than that produced in Shanghai; Some construction teams also told the owners that the ceramic tiles purchased are first-class and the best. In fact, most brand ceramic tiles have excellent products. If the owner has no time to purchase the main materials and needs to be purchased by the decoration company, it is best to provide a detailed list, indicating the brand, manufacturer, origin, model, product grade, required quantity, etc., and remember to ask for the invoice





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