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When it comes to decoration, it is really a matter of full technology and torture. There are twelve months and four seasons in a year. When do you choose to decorate

April and may of each year are good seasons for home decoration. The moisture content of materials is moderate and the air humidity is low. Unlike July and August, which is rainy and humid, most consumers choose to decorate in April and may

specifically, the decoration now has the following advantages:


the temperature is moderate

I believe that the owners who decorate in summer or winter have a deep understanding that the hot temperature in summer makes workers prone to fatigue and irritability; In winter, it is dry and cold, and some places even need heating to make workers work as usual. The temperature in May is just right


moderate moisture content of wood

the main problem of woodworking is its moisture content. When the temperature changes greatly, its thermal expansion and cold contraction will be very obvious

what is the moisture content of generally qualified wood materials? Generally, the moisture content of 8% is the best, and its weather and temperature in spring make it possible to maintain the moisture content of wood in the safe area of 8~13%

the air humidity is high in May, but it is also easy to ventilate, and the moisture content of wood material is relatively moderate


the coating has good adhesion

the appropriate temperature and humidity in May is conducive to air circulation. The coating dries faster than in summer. Generally, the construction period of three times of painting is three or four days shorter


obvious price advantage

in May, many decoration companies and home building materials will also launch a series of preferential activities in a fierce scuffle for the sales performance of the whole year. At this time, decoration can also save decoration budget

of course, in order to thank consumers for their long-term support and love, Qianding wooden door launched a large-scale promotional activity during the May Day holiday, so that consumers can enjoy a happy festive atmosphere during the May Day holiday and feel the preferential surprises brought by Qianding

in order to give back to the majority of users and friends, do a good job in helping and encouraging the market, and further boost the performance of Qianding's major franchised stores, during the May Day holiday, Qianding made different degrees of concessions for many series of products, such as Qianding wooden door Decal door series, thread door series, flat door series, glass door series, etc

Qianding boutique appreciation

whether it is a single order or a large order, there are discounts, so that every Qianding customer can enjoy the benefits of May Day Thanksgiving feedback

of course, in addition to the nationwide promotional activities, we hope to impress you with quality

this may day, Qianding promises you that we can't give you the lowest price, but we can give you higher quality. We believe that only perfect quality can make us proud! We strive to insist, just to get your recognition and follow




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