I'm scared to go to the bathroom at midnight. The

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One day, the two dogs who never got up at night were actually suffocated. Bleary eyed, he sat on the toilet. Out of the corner of his eyes, he seemed to see “ Things ” Flashed, rubbed his eyes, but found nothing. He began to get angry and hurried back to the bedroom after solving it. The next day, he told me about it. I said that you should understand the Feng Shui taboos in bathroom decoration

divide the house into nine palaces. If the bathroom is located in the center of the house, it will take away all the good fortune and wealth of the home. Because it is located in the center, the drainage pipe of the home must pass through the toilet, and the odor and filthy gas are not easy to be discharged outdoors. In addition, the water vapor is heavy, which is easy to breed bacteria and easily affect health, especially the heart blood circulation and urinary system

—& mdash;& mdash;& mdash; Improvement methods:

● shift the bathroom

● stop using the bathroom

● place green plants and irradiate them with light to produce photosynthesis

● install a compass at the time of day selection, and turn on the light. The left side of the gate is Qinglong Fang, and the dragon is afraid of odor. If you encounter odor as soon as you enter the house, it will inevitably lead to the absence of noble people, and even cause quarrels, and the family will lose money

—& mdash; Improvement methods:

● the bathroom is shifted or not used

● the bathroom is separated from the gate by an aquarium

● when choosing a day, install a gourd inside, and open the door to bless the door, such as the mouth of the same person. As soon as you enter the door, you will go to the toilet door. The foul gas in the toilet directly rushes to the mouth bar, which will cause frequent pain in the head and neck of your family, and it is also easy to cause quarrels, crimes, money and other problems

—& mdash; Improvement methods:

● block the door between the door and the toilet with a screen

● put a sea salt purification gas field in the toilet

● when choosing a day, install gourds on the bathroom wall and turn on the light to bless

the toilet belongs to water, and the kitchen belongs to fire. If the same door comes out, water and fire will be mutually exclusive, resulting in the suppression of wealth and wealth, and the toilet filth will also spread to the kitchen, affecting the health of fortune

—& mdash; Improvement methods:

● shift the toilet or kitchen or open a door

the toilet is facing the toilet door, which is easy to encounter. When the toilet door is opened, the foul gas will be immediately brought out with the air flow, polluting other spaces, and it is easy to affect the urinary system, digestive system and skin of family members

—& mdash; Improvement methods:

● change the direction of the toilet or bathroom door

● install gourds on the bathroom wall and turn on the light blessing when choosing a day

if the toilet is changed into a bedroom, and the upstairs and downstairs residents are still bathroom, their bedroom will be sandwiched between the two floors of bathroom, dirty gas flows up and down, and the room is wet, which is quite detrimental to the owner. People sleep in it, which is called “ Soak excrement ”, Of course, fortune is bad

—& mdash; Improvement method:

● move the toilet back to its original position

● use it as an unimportant space such as a storage room

modern people pursue fashion, or in order to enlarge the space, they often make the bathroom door into transparent glass, but the toilet is a very hidden place. Using the glass door will reduce the privacy and cause the psychological burden of users. In the long run, they may be prone to constipation, cystitis and other diseases

the toilet should not be placed in the direction of this life. Please refer to the "table of directions of this life diagram", which is the most taboo position of the toilet

Feng Shui in bathroom decoration, you say it's useless, but sometimes it's quite mysterious; You say it's useful. Rockets can fly out of the earth. Can you believe this? Can only put down that sentence, believe it, do not believe it! It's up to you





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